How do you decide which is the right school for your child?

Researching your future school choices at ages 11, 13 or sixth form entry at 16+ can be a very confusing process. Glossy brochures, dinner party banter, family traditions, first time buyer puzzlement or state of the art websites, make it tricky to get to the nitty gritty of what differentiates one senior school from another.

Through years of experience advising families with planning and making their future school choices, we passionately believe our Future Schools Fair event format will give parents the guidance they need to carry out time-efficient, effective research into all of their school choices, in support of the decision making process.

Whether you are planning to move from state primary to independent school at age 11, are planning your 13+ senior school choices post Common Entrance, can’t decide if boarding school is for you, or you wish to move to a new school to study IB at sixth form; whatever your objectives in seeking a move of school for your child, we can help you find answers to many of the questions you have.

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‘Country Life is delighted to partner with TIEC Events Ltd to bring you Country Life Future Schools Fair, a series of regional fairs held across the UK in 2016/17. We know that our readers are passionate about their children’s education, which is why we are keen to lend our full support.

With opportunities to meet schools face-to-face, as well as to attend seminars giving advice on the many confusing issues that can surround making the right school choices, it is our belief that attending these exclusive events will save time spent on research and be a valuable source of relevant and timely advice for our readers.

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